Hendersonville, North Carolina. July 2013.

Black Mountain, North Carolina. August 2014.

Ray. Bryson City, North Carolina. August 2014.

"I’ve got two Jehovah’s Witnesses that come sit right there for the last four Saturday’s," Ray said. "And this Saturday I begged off. And I didn’t meet them because I do most of the talking.

"They try their strong arm tactics, but they don’t have anything for me because they haven’t answered my question yet. And that’s the first thing I ask them. You answer me this question [What is iniquity?], and then I’ll listen to you.

"Because I done been to the Kingdom Hall. They call me a prophet there. And begged me to stay when I left."


My “Before We Land” project is featured on Time’s Lightbox today. The project is an attempt to capture the fleeting moments of youth as we transition from our 20s to 30s. And it’s really validating to get a nod from Time for this work. I’m more inspired than ever to wring out the last few drops of sunlight from what’s left of this summer.

— Bryan Derballa

Taylor. Asheville, North Carolina. June 2014.

Asheville, North Carolina. June 2014.

Asheville, North Carolina. June 2014.


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